Hi my name is Jenny Vessey, my Cattery is Wasillia persians.I live in the Beautiful Pacific Northwest.
I have been breeding and showing Persians for 3 years.
I breed Bicolors and Tabbies and strive to breed to CFA standards.
I am a very small breeder,only 2-3 litters a year.


I am breeding for the best quality, not quantity. My kittens are very socialized with the help of my daughter.
 I have been fortunate to have a great mentor who has taught me so much, Thank you Sheryl, you have been a great Friend.
I have met some very knowledgeable breeders who have entrusted me with there cat's.   
  Thank you so much for the knowledge and continued friendship you bring me.
My breeding includes lines such as Phyxius, Kissables, Katzenfur, Brannaway, Cattilak, Jubillium,
  Rhamjoge and more.


And  my newest addition Roggenstein. Thank you Tina for the wonderful Boy Twilight and for designing my website.
I am so excited to continue my showing of my beautiful cats and meeting all the wonderful people in the Cat Fancy.
May I meet many wonderful people on my journey and many more Beautiful Cats to come.

And most of all I would like to Thank my wonderful Mom
Who without all her  love  and support  this  wouldn't be possible. Thanks Mom I love you!!!!



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